American Zealot Productions…

is an award winning, full service, multi-media enterprise. Our experience in documentaries, commercials, television, and web-based interactive media is extensive. Our talented production team has created commercials, product videos, book reviews, web-based story vignettes and over 45 documentaries. Our documentary work for the NRA’s highly acclaimed Patriot Profiles channel (A part of the NRA Life of Duty Network) was edited for television and re-broadcast on the Sportsman Channel the past two years. These powerful and moving stories of American heroes were nominated and ultimately won the Sportsman Channel’s “Best New Television Series of 2014”.

Our Strengths…

Our team consists of Producers, Cinematographers, Writers, Photographers, Editors, Animators, Graphic Artists, Creative Directors, Web Developers, Voice Over Talent and Audio Producers.

We believe that the strength of our business is predicated upon long lasting relationships and trust;  integrity and character are essential elements of approaching all production opportunities. Our business, like yours, is the lifeblood of what we do, so exceeding the expectations of those we work with is our first priority. We are ready to help our clients with projects ranging from simple to complex, and we strive to help businesses grow at a pace and budget they feel comfortable with.

Although fully equipped with the latest cameras, lens, and equipment we have perfected the ability to travel light while capitalizing on our team’s multi-faceted experience. Our team understands the importance of wearing multiple hats during production, and no member of our team is afraid of long days or hard work.

Our work has taken us around the country and well off the beaten path creating innovative ways to economically and efficiently capture exactly what our customers need without unnecessary overhead and inflated budgets.